Seascape  House 
Hopetown, Elbow Cay Island, Abaco, Bahamas

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Birds Eye View

The picture below is from Google Earth where you can view some of the pictures taken and submitted to them by viewers. If your computer has Google Earth loaded, just type in the coordinates on the picture. The little blue square above the "6" is a picture of sunrise taken in front of the house and was submitted my me. 


Scuba and Snorkeling

The crystal clear water and beautiful coral reefs make this one of the favorite activities in the islands. Complete gear may be rented and qualified instructors are available.

Surfing, Windsurfing and Sailing

Sailboats range in size from a 14 foot sunfish to a 44 foot CSY and are available for rent or charter. Windsurfers will be thrilled with the wave action directly in front of Seascape House. This is the beach of choice for the local surfers.

Boating and Fishing

Deep sea fishing, bonefishing, and reef fishing are some of the best in the area. Charters and guides are available. Smaller outboards ranging from 13 to 22 feet are available for rent from several marinas in the area. It is advisable to reserve your boat before making the trip. For the "landlubbers", golf carts are available for rent

Beaching and Shelling

The beaches in the area are some of the most beautiful in the Bahamas and the shells are numerous. Tahiti beach, a short distance from Seascape, is a favorite place for shelling. You have your own ocean beach at your front door and bay beach at your back door.



Numerous airlines fly to the main island, Marsh Harbour, from Miami, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach. Advise your travel agent you will be going to Marsh Harbour in the Bahamas and they can give you a list of options. If you are using one of the small commuter airlines, it is recommended you pick up your luggage and recheck it with the commuter airline to make certain it reaches Marsh Harbour.

In Marsh Harbour

Once you reach Marsh Harbour, you will clear Bahamian customs with your  required current passport. After clearing customs, a taxi will take you to the ferry dock to ferry your group to White Sound and Seascape. Before going to the ferry dock, you may want to do your grocery shopping in Marsh Harbour.  The food selection is a little better there and Caretaker can help getting things to the house. The food is about 30% higher in price than food in the states due to customs duty and spoilage.

Ferry Dock

Once you reach the ferry dock you should purchase a round trip ticket for your return. To get to the house all you will need to do is tell  the captain of the ferry you will be staying an Seascape House and have him notify Wanda Sweeting of your arrival.  Wanda will meet you at the dock to help with your luggage and welcome you to Seascape. After that, it's time to put on your island clothes and enjoy this beautiful paradise!

"Seascape House - An Outstanding Out Island Experience"  



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