Seascape  House 
Hopetown, Elbow Cay Island, Abaco, Bahamas

Interior Pictures
This is a house where you get the cool ocean breeze and the sound of the surf that  will  rock you to sleep.

The two pictures above show both sides of the main living area looking toward the ocean. The two bedrooms, each with a private bath are to the left and right. The great thing about Seascape is all the deck area. The lower rear deck of about 20 by 28 has a  large dining table with seating for six. Above about half this lower deck is a top deck about 10 x 20 with a panoramic view of the ocean and  the bay.

Select the pictures below for enlargements:

Master bedroom on the south

North bedroom

View of rear deck of each bedroom

View from a seat at the bar.

From the dock to the house

Rear deck to the dock

This house is about as close to the ocean and the bay as you can get. It offers a truly on the water living experience. The only thing closer to this would be to stay on your boat at the rear of the property.  

This is what you see from the upper deck looking north on to the ocean beach. The only thing missing in this shot is the absence of your feet propped up on the roof edge in the foreground.
Seascape now has free wireless internet.  This service is much faster than my own at home via two way satellite and much in line with cable. The satellite TV has never caused any problems  but I have placed an extra TV in the basement should that portion of the link fail. The one-year-old CD/DVD player was also replaced. There is a disclaimer that goes with all the above-mentioned electronics although the have operated flawlessly for quite some time  there is no guarantee that they could be repaired in short order should they fail. Electronics are very expensive to repair in the Bahamas and almost always generate repair costs with no repair success, they should be considered a bonus not standard items. With this location goes the problems of salt corrosion on every thing that has any metal parts. In our effort to assure reliability of all the many mechanical devices that are subjected to this salt environment we have on hand extra AC units, refrigerator and a water heater in storage.


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