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Air Service

For connections out of Florida airports:

West Palm: USAir Bahamas Air    
Orlando : USAir    Silver Airways
Daytona, Melbourne : AirGate Aviation
Fort Lauderdale:
   Yellow Air Taxi     Sky Bahamas Silver Airways Bahamas Express
Jacksonville Craig Air
I have used a ticketing service that have the best round trip prices I can find using hubs in Cleveland and Charlotte , have a look Cheap Tickets Marsh Harbour's airport designation is MHH

There is a charter service that operates from Marsh Harbour in the Bahamas you may want to consider:

Cherokee Air is operated out of Palm Beach by a friend of mine Faren Sawyer who has been flying the Bahamas for most of his life. He is a local resident of Marsh Harbour and can most likely tailor a flight to suite your needs.
(242) 367-3450, 367-2089

Ferry Service
You should take the ferry to Hope Town and advise the ferry Capitan the you are staying at Seascape and have him notify Wanda Sweeting so she can meet you at the dock. If you intend on using the ferry to return to Marsh Harbour you should purchase a round trip ticket to save a few bucks.

Boat Rentals:

Sea Horse Marine
Personal Tour Guide to just about anything fun to do with your boat contact Captain Plug
Rainbow Rentals

Island Marine Phone: (242) 366-0282
Rich's Rentals, Marsh Harbour. Located at Pelican Shores Phone: 242-367-2742.

Golf Cart Rentals on Elbow: 
       My caretaker Wanda Sweeting has a cart rental business.  Give Wanda  a call  at 242-366-0069
        You can also  try  Junior's Cart Rentals  or just give Junior a call in the Bahamas at
        or in the US at 305-359-5222.

Cell Phone Coverage:
        Seascape's location, with in line of sight of Marsh Harbour is an excellent location to
         receive four full bars on your cell phone. My AT&T  provider charges about $2 a minute,
         pricey but dependable. You will need to dial the traditional number one preceding all calls
         to the US. Your text messages are only fifty cents out and zero in.

Sailboat Charters:

       That business was closed, will do some research for others.

Car Rentals: (in Marsh Harbour)

Sea Star Car Rentals  for golf excursions to Treasure Cay or exploration of Great Abaco

Weather Conditions:

Green Turtle is a reporting station about 25 miles north of Seascape. This station has current conditions, forecasts and past weather data.
Barometer Bob's Web site has local weather information and hosts a weather report at 8:30 each morning on the VHF radio located at Seascape

Sea Conditions:
Barometer Bob's

SCUBA Diving:

One of the SCUBA diving operations in the area is Dive Abaco. It is a small operation located in Marsh Harbour. They offer a very relaxed aquasphere of relatively shallow diving on the world's third largest barrier reef., featuring mountainous coral formations riddled with tunnels and caverns. Magnificent corals rising to the the ocean's surface provide spectacular snorkeling for the non-diver. For reservations and more info call 800-247-5338. You can also contact them by E-mail: .  Or you could use Froggies a wonderful operation right in Hope Town for your diving experience.

Fishing Guides:

This is a list of the local fisherman and the type of fishing they specialize in. They can be reached on the VHF radio at Seascape under the call names listed for each one:
For reef fishing there is Will Key and his call is "Fox Chase"
For deep sea fishing try Robert Lowe phone 242-366-0622 or on the VHF radio call "Sea Gull". Also  Truman Majors on the VHF radio call "Lucky Strike" or on the phone 242-366-0101.
For bone fishing use Mateland Lowe and his call on the VHF radio is "Wild Pidgin" or phone 242-366-0478 or 366-0033
Personal Tour Guide to just about anything fun to do contact Captain Plug

Have a look at the web cam looking out on White Sound, the same view at Seascape, just down the hill and 200 feet south Web can View

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