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Hopetown, Elbow Cay Island, Abaco, Bahamas

Little Harbour and Pete's Pub

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Little Harbour is a secluded and tranquil, picturesque community with protected anchorage and an interesting deserted lighthouse on the northeast side. A beautiful sandy beach runs around the harbour which usually holds quite an interesting array of boats. North Beach has an incredible coral reef to explore and rock cliffs form caves on he western side of the harbour. The fishing is excellent and the bight is an ideal area for bonefishing.

Little Harbour is the site of Pete's Pub, one of the most laid-back, islandy pubs you'll ever see. The Pub is actually fashioned out of the pilot house and deck house of the sailing ship "Langosta", one of the Johnston family's original live-aboards. Little Harbour is also home to Pete Johnston and his Gallery, Studio and Foundry. Pete is the son of the internationally acclaimed bronze & wood sculptor, Randolph Johnston and carries on his father's tradition admirably. Pete's Pub and its owner's sculpture are about as genuine and unique as it ever gets. Uncrowded even by Abacos standards, Little Harbour, Pete Johnston's Gallery & Foundry and Pete's Pub make the boat ride of about 40 minutes definitely worth the trip. Today, the Johnston Studios, Foundry and Art Museum are open to the public. Here you can find works by Randolph Johnston, Pete Johnston, Bob Zwickel and John Bredin, among others.



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