Seascape  House 
Hopetown, Elbow Cay Island, Abaco, Bahamas

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A big beautiful new backup generator!


When I first started out coming down here there was no air-conditioning in the houses. You are really hot for a day or so and the you adapt to the temperature and ceiling fans work wonders. Those times are long gone and it's expected the not only do you need air-conditioning but a backup generator to keep the power coming. Seascape now has a backup generator so all is well. There is also a new refrigerator  and new windows in the bedrooms. This house is undergoing constant repair and improvements. With a house directly on the ocean I have slowly had to replaced almost the entire interior just fifteen years after the house was built. Try to compare this kind of maintenance with what you would expect for a house in the states. I am sure that within the next fifteen years there will also be a complete overhaul again.

When our bird comes for dinner please
toss him a crumb or two.


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